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EBN and InBIA - special guests at Poznan Science and Technology Park

On a two-day stakeholder meeting in Poland,  Giordano Dichter, Head of EU|BIC services, and Kirstie Chadwick, President and CEO of InBIA, visited EU|BIC candidate, Poznan Science and Technology Park to discuss and share their insights on innovation ecosystems and effective incubation process.

Speaking from both European and the US perspective, Giordano and Kirstie shared the best practices on building and managing innovation ecosystem and the role of parks, incubators and other support business organisations in this process.

Giordano and Kirstie at the meeting 

During the first day of the meeting, PPNT ESSPO team discussed the incubation process with regional stakeholders, while on the second day representatives of Polish business and innovation centers came to exchange knowledge with other entrepreneurial professionals.

One of the main issues raised was the need of all business support organisations to improve their operations and focus on nurturing entrepreneurship regionally, with local entrepreneurs having the leadership role in the ecosystem. Kirstie emphasised on the importance of benchmarking innovation and entrepreneurship on a regional level, instead of comparing them to the US innovation ecosystems:

“Everyone mentions the Silicon Valley and Boston when asked about leading entrepreneurship and innovation centres. Instead of focusing on the most popular ecosystems, it is a good idea to find one’s own benchmark with similar capacities”.

In the same way, as Giordano noted, “the challenges that Poznan is facing are not so different from those of other ecosystems around the globe”. He finds community development as crucial in developing strong innovation ecosystems:

“The main challenge is to develop business community development and understand that working together is a must in times of global competition. Institutions and organization should find common grounds on the development of specific entrepreneurship services, such as a common mentor network”.

Following up the meeting, EBN was invited to another one in Olsztyn, Poland:" From the national innovation to the international expansion", happening bewteen  22-24 May 2017. 



Published on 28-04-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 1045 page views

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