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BICMINHO and Bioga: cross-border cluster for biotechnology.

"We hope the Cross-border Cluster for biotechnology will be a reality within four to five years, declared Nuno Gomes , the Executive Director of  BIC do MINHO , during the Biolunch «  New strategies of Biotech cooperation Galicia– North Portugal”. According to him, it will mainly depend on the efforts deployed by the organisations and companies involved.

The session took place last Friday 20 June in Santiago de Compostela, and was organised by Bioga – the Entrepreneurial Technology Cluster for Life Sciences of Galicia.

Nuno Gomes trusts that in 2020 the Euro-region of North Portugal-Galicia "will be able to compete with huge poles attracting investments in biotechlogy such as Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona". According to him various regional factors contribute significantly to that end, such as the presence of “top universities from the Iberian, model research centres in the field of life sciences as well as leader companies in sectors such as agro food, pharmaceutical industry and environment ".

BICMINHO and Bioga will present in September the project for this North Portugal-Galicia Cross-border Cluster for biotechnology in the Operative Program of Spanish-Portuguese cross border cooperation (POCTEP 2014-2020). "We will try to get support and funding from brussels in order to develop this ", says Nuno Gomes , who believes that until 2020 five millions euros will be necessary to launch this project. It is expected that by the end of this term, the initiative will have become completely autonomous.

According to Nuno Gomes , the high representatives of both regions are “very receptive” to this innovative idea, and are keen to take advantage of this opportunity. By way of example of cross border cooperation, he reminded the case of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Institute located in Braga which will also serve as an important reference for the future of the cross border cluster".

Associated member: BIC Innovation
Published on 25-06-2015 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 3440 page views

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