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Dutch SMEs, interested in expanding to Africa?

 As a part of Business in Africa Investment Fund B.V. (“Buceros Capital”), new Dutch public-private fund initiative, Dutch SMEs interested in expanding to Africa have a unique chance to smoothly internationalise  by partnering with a matching SME in Africa.

Kukura Business Accelerato Zimbawe, an African Business Incubation organisation, has been appointed as Buceros Capital’s partner in this initiative, and will assist Dutch SMEs in finding the matching partner SME in Africa.

Buceros Capital provides funding to Dutch SMEs that go into a relationship with African SME. The fund is a public-private partnership established to create social impact by funding commercially viable investments.  

The Fund invests in companies with a capital need starting at € 100.000 to a maximum of €3.5m.

To be considered, you must meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Strong and experienced team;
  • Economically and commercially viable activities;
  • Adherence to OECD Guidelines and IFC Performance Standards.

 These conditions are explained in more detail below:

  1.  You must be an SME to be considered
  • A company must meet the SME criteria. Buceros Capital follows the EU definition of an SME:
    • Number of employees (payroll): max. 250;
    • Annual turnover: max. € 50 million or Balance sheet total: max. € 43 million.

When a company is part of a group of companies, the cumulative numbers of the group are used to establish whether or not you are a SME. 

It is the Fund’s belief that a strong team is the foundation of the company. Entrepreneurs and their team must have a proven track record in their industry, have a thought-out business plan, and are able to substantiate their business plan. Relevant expertise (education, background, working experience, etc.) of the entrepreneur and his team will be assessed.   

For more information, please visit the websites and and contact



Associated member: Kukura Business Accelerator
Published on 01-05-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 3574 page views

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