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Congratulations to Science Park Graz for becoming an EU|BIC!

EBN is proud to welcome a new EU|BIC on board:  Science Park Graz, a highly reputed university and innovation-based incubator located in Graz, Austria, which has gone through the EU|BIC certification process with great success.

What is very interesting and even unique within the EBN network is how fast Science Park Graz has become certified EU|BIC. Shortly after joining EBN network in January this year, Science Park Graz wanted to benefit from the network even further by submitting application to become a certified EU|BIC. After successful quality assessment within only 4 months since joining EBN network, Science Park Graz has become certified EU|BIC!

Science Park Graz is a publicly funded institution whose aim is to support and promote the creation of innovative tech-based startups business in Graz and Styria Bundesland. The Science Park is also the home of the Austrian European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC)

Since its creation in 2002, the team  of Science Park Graz has been supporting academics (students, graduates, and academic staff) with advice and coaching, infrastructure and financing. It has also organised a wide range of entrepreneurial stimulation activities such as idea competitions, highly focused university recruitment, partnerships with other entrepreneurship centres, hackathons etc. 

Inês Plácido, Manager ESA BIC Austria at Science Park Graz (on the right), networking with EBN members during EU|BIC Essentials Training in March this year 

As every EU|BIC, Science Park Graz takes great pride in its clients – the current innovative startups that are being hosted today, as well as the highly successfully graduated ones.

Some of the startups hosted at Science Park Graz:

  • Robotic eyes (start up in the field of virtual and augmented reality with a potential to revolutionize the construction industry);
  • Meemo-Tech (startup working on mobile health solutions for people suffering from mental diseases);
  • Drone rescue System (startup working on a parachute based device to rescue unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) in case of emergency);
  • Ease-link (startup working in the e-mobility field, developing connection systems to automate electric vehicle charging).

Main conclusions from the Science Park Graz’s EU|BIC quality assessment

When assessing Science Park Graz’s capacities to become EU|BIC, the EU|BIC Quality Mark Committee (the body that ensures the respect of the EU|BIC trademark criteria) found Science Park Graz’s mentoring and coaching phases in the pre-incubation and incubation phases highly functional, with the structure and its internal organisation designed around the needs of the startups.

However, what the committee found quite remarkable and perhaps a role model for other EU|BICs were Science Park Graz’s mentorship practices - not only the mentorship at Science Park Graz is mandatory for every startup, but a business mentor (to support the growth of the business) and an academic mentor (to facilitate technological development) are assigned to every startup incubated there, maximising potential of every startup in the pre-incubation and incubation phases.

We are proud of having an Austrian EU|BIC on board, and we hope to get more members from the region to share their best practices and benefit from the EBN membership.

We wish Science Park Graz even more success in the future and great collaboration with the fellow EU|BICs and EBN Members!



Associated member: Science Park Graz
Published on 30-05-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 1174 page views

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