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Second FIBIA Peer Review at BDF Friesland

After the first Peer-to -Peer Review of the FIBIA Project took place on 29 September at EBN Member BIC Euronova,  with the aim to asses BIC Euronova’s methodology in supporting disadvantaged entrepreneurs, the second FIBIA Peer Review took place at EBN Member BDF Friesland on 17 October.

FIBIA (Fostering Inclusive Business Incubation and Acceleration in Europe)’s key element is to gain a full understanding of what type of services are being provided to marginalised groups, how these services are delivered, whether they can be improved, and what types of organisations are providing the services. The project covers 6 countries: UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

After positive assessment of the support Spanish based EU|BIC (BIC Euronova) provides to underrepresented entrepreneurs took place, BDF Friesland, the EU|BIC based in Leeuwarden, had a pleasure to host Monika Montero, Head of Programmes, Trade and Innovation at Newable, an organisation based in the U.K with core purpose of supporting entrepreneurs to enable their ideas to realise their full potential and become sustainable and innovative businesses.

Lennard Drogendijk, BDF Friesland’s Director and Inqubator Leeuwarden’s chairman, welcomed Monica for the one-day visit  to Leeuwarden, during which she could get the overall feel for BDF Friesland’s and local  methodologies in supporting disadvantaged  entrepreneurs.

During the visit, Monica also had the opportunity to meet with the representatives coming from Municipality of Leeuwarden, Mentor programme Friesland, JOF Foundation (youth entrepreneurship organisation), as well as Inqubator Leeuwarden.

Monica pointed out some challenges and opportunities for BDF Friesland regarding social inclusion activities. One of the main challenges seem to be the communication: BDF already is active in that field, but forgets to shout and tell about it to the world.

What happens next?

Following the visit, the expert will have to complete a report of the visit’s outcomes, which BDF will get a chance to read and provide comments to. This will then be shared with JPMorgan and used for best practice examples for future publications.

More FIBIA Peer Reviews will take place to see how EU|BICs support disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Stay tuned! 

Associated member: Business Development Friesland
Published on 20-10-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 2315 page views

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