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The COMPASS project offers free consultancy opportunities for UK SMEs in the cybersecurity sector

As a security company, you’re probably very concerned about ethics, and ensuring your business acts as responsibly as possible. What we want to do is to help your company be even more ethical in your business practices.

We want to be pragmatic, useful, and responsive to your company’s needs and goals.

Much like the security sector sells an idea – that security needs to be built in from the beginning – we will convince you that if you build in responsible and ethical practice from the beginning, you’ll benefit from it in the medium-long term through:

  • better relationships with clients;
  • broader and more sensitive outreach and sales approaches;
  • higher levels of client trust in your company;
  • a more embedded community presence;
  • and an agility for future challenges and opportunities.

We will work directly and confidentially with you and your company, identifying your areas of good practice and injecting good practice identified by interviews with practitioners, CEOs, and developers of other tech companies. We have successfully done this with the health technology sector in the past, and now we want to open up our methods to the security sector.

We want your company to be prepared for what the future might bring – 2, 5, even 10 years down the line, and help you to put good practice in place to be able to deal with these challenges and opportunities. You’ll also learn how to use our techniques to help potential clients thinking about their own futures – and how security can benefit them.

We’ll need around 3 hours of your time total, spread over 2 face-to-face meetings where we come to you, and a couple of short follow-up phone calls after each meeting. In between, we will integrate expert opinion from our research for the COMPASS project, the East Midlands Police, academic security researchers, business support organisations such as B Labs and EBN Innovation Network, and professional organisations to help you look above and beyond your everyday practice.

You’ll get a tailored, future-looking roadmap to practically implement responsible and ethical practice in your company, so you can benefit from being more trustworthy, learn from our methods, and end up with a more agile, future-looking company that can be relied on by customers and the public to behave ethically and responsibly.

For more information please contact Catherine Flick at for more information.

Our website is at    @innocompass

Published on 27-06-2017 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 13108 page views

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