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Warm welcome to the new EBN member- Fincalabra SPA!

EBN is happy to announce new member on board - Fincalabra SPA coming from Catanzaro, Italy.

Fincalabra SPA is an in-house providing enterprise of Calabria region, with two incubators, one located in Montalto and the other one in Settingiano, with a mission to improve SME competitiveness of the territory. To do so, FINCALABRA manages 3 operative units under ROP 2014-2020:

  1. “CalabriaImpresa” providing digital access to finance and entrepreneurs’ growth;
  2. “CalabriaCompetitiva”-supporting Calabrian manufacturing systems and promoting new businesses;
  3.  "CalabriaInnova"  - supporting public and private stakeholders including EPRs and SMEs.

In the recent years, Fincalabra SPA launched TalentLab project, making a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the local market by supporting 12 spin-offs and 34 new startups. Fincalabra SPA is also active in H2020 projects, supporting participation in SME Instrument and other initiatives supporting SMEs in the region.

Antonio Mazzei, Director of Fincalabra SPA's operative area 

Fincalabra SPA sees joining the network as the possibility to gain visibility among the regional and European authorities and learn from the EU|BIC network, which have gained advanced skills in the engineering and management of national or European programmes.

Moreover, Fincalabra  SPA sees the value in joining the network as a way to become a part of trusted partners, EBN members,  who share the same values and the same vision all over Europe and beyond. In the same way, FINCALABRA SPA wants to improve its mentoring and acceleration services, and benchmark with other EU|BICs to improve its performance.

On the other hand, Fincalabra SPA can contribute to the network by involving the national stakeholders, defining development strategy and implementing  national and community policies or programmes.

We wish Fincalabra SPA warm welcome to EBN and wish a lot of success in harnessing the power of the network!

Associated member: Fincalabra SpA
Published on 21-08-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 9074 page views

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