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It takes a network to keep your business/organisation sustainable on the long-term…


Reach out to around 250 experienced business support organisations, including about 140 certified EU|BICs, in Europe, Brazil, Asia, Latin America, Maghreb, Middle-East, which are driven by the same aims - to increase the economic development of their region.


Over the last 30 years, EBN members have developed many best practices, working tools and valuable knowledge they are ready to share with you. Take a load off your mind, think out of the box, learn and gain new ideas too.


Our members know the value of collaboration by participating in European projects identified and set up by EBN or groups of members.


Keep improving and thinking to create win-win situation through thematic working groups, policy conferences, workshops that will give you the opportunity to discuss about critical issues such as funding schemes; EU/EC guidelines and strategies, etc. (find examples)

Raise your profile

Being part of a network officially recognized by the EC will give you the opportunity to get noticed and recognized as a reliable organisation (cf. quality process) towards your main stakeholders as well as towards other members of the network, other networks and your clients. You can get referred to for your expertise (link to list of experts).


Our network has signed agreements with other BSO networks in Asia, Brazil, USA. Use the network as a springboard for your companies to get international through soft landing services, staff exchange, etc.

Convert all this HUMAN capital into ECONOMIC capital.

  • Several events organised throughout the year with special discounts for our members:
    • 1 Policy event
    • 1 Annual Congress
    • 1 Tech camp / Tool Fair
    • Special discounts to access other organisations events
  • Access to project/funding opportunities to develop and implement your  ideas: FP7, …
  • Access to benchmarking tools , new methodologies, new ideas and best practices
  • A international window to present and promote your activities, projects or tools for free (through website, newsletters, events, meetings, …)

For more information, contact the EBN Membership Services Team

Name: David Tee
Job title: Senior Advisor
Phone: 32 772 8900
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Name: Chiara Davalli
Job title: Project Manager
Phone: +39 32 04 39 95 62
Click the image for a full profile
Name: Marta Gomez Andres
Job title: Communications and Events Manager
Phone: +32 2 761 10 88
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