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FET2RIN Training Course for FET Projects

From 23 Feb 2017 to 24 Feb 2017
Location: EBN, Belgium

In the framework of FET2RIN, EBNMETA Group  and ECN organise a 3-workshops-training in Brussels in February, March and April 2017 to which you might find interesting to participate.

The aim of this training is to provide participants with different methodologies and tools regarding, among others, validation of assumptions, customer discovery, go-to-market strategy, business models, accessing R&D and risk finance.

Each workshops will help FET projects to check and prepare the launch of innovative solutions to the market, by using the Lean Startup approach. All participants will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of real investors during the last session held in March.

The agenda of 23-24 FEBRUARY


Ice-breaking session

  • Introduction of participants and mentors

Principles of Lean Startup methodology

  • Customer vs. Product Development
  • How to capture your vision on a single page
  • Finding a compelling problem that is worth solving

Value Proposition

  • Value Proposition and the Minimum Viable Product
  • Common Mistakes with Value Proposition

Team work

  • The Javelin Board
  • Discussion among participants and debate with mentors

DAY 2                                                                                                               

Customer Segments

  • Solution - Market / Target groups Fit
  • Multiple Customer / Target groups Segments
  • Consequences of Not Understanding a Market / Target group

Team work

  • Lean Canvas
  • Discussion among participants and debate with mentors

Revenue Models

  • How Do You Impact / Make Money
  • Revenue Streams and Price
  • Market Size and Share



For further information feel free to contact Dario Mazzella, FET2RIN project manager.  

Learn more about the FET2RIN training courses available for all FET projects.

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