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Precision Sports Technologies - UK

Precision Sports Technologies Ltd is a UK-based Sports-Science technology company, specialising in the development of elite sports training and medical systems which aid in the monitoring, rehabilitation and enhancement of performance for individual athletes
and sports teams. The goal of Precision Sports Technologies is twofold; To develop innovative and “advanced-affordable” systems that allows for the mining and analysis of large “sports-specific” data sets to enhance performance, and to open the world of sports technology to the wider sporting world.

At Precision Sports Technology, three main areas of sports science are emphasised

  1. Performance Enhancement: Improving sporting performance with the use of technology.

  2. Coaching (Technical/Tactical) Enhancement: Improving coaching-ability; to aid in the instruction/coaching and development of athletes with the aid of technology.

  3. Sports Medicine (Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention): Using technology to reduce the likelihood of sporting injury, and aid in the rehabilitation of athletes.

The Challenges

There were numerous challenges whilst starting a new business, but there were two that really stood out. One was finding the right people. Funded companies always attract people, but it is hard to assess who is right for the company shares its values and vision? Without finding things are that much harder. It was difficult to find the right people, and the resulting frustration can end in the wrong HR decisions, which may have had short-term benefits, but were not positive long-term choices. The other biggest challenge was/is bureaucracy. Building a company, especially one with a global appeal, involves a lot of bureaucracy - everything from patent applications (in many different countries) to trademarking (in different countries). And of course there was always the wonderful world of taxation to make the journey even more complicated.

The Incubator Advantage

Alex doubts if he would be where he is now without UELs Incubator programme. Starting anything new is daunting and in his own words, "starting a business was like being dropped in the middle of a rain forest... at night... without a compass or a phone. The program was my compass and my phone. I always had access to every sort of help and challenge I would face as a new business, from patent advice to financial guidance. They say we learn from our mistakes, which is true. But the less mistakes we make, the better. Incubator Programs diminish the number of mistakes (and their impact) a new business can make."

And more

The guidance received from incubator teams is invaluable and is a much-needed helping hand in the complicated world of start-ups. Precision Sports Technologies has made its mark in its industry and has won prestigious awards, all of which have assisted in consolidating its position as a leader in the field. Being incubated and mentored has been a definite plus and Alex Oviawe, the founder firmly believes that the start-up world is a better place for incubation support.

Where to find us

Precision Sports Technologies

Knowledge Dock,

University Way,
London. E16 2RD.


The Incubator

Knowledge Dock
University of East London,
London, E16 2RD
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