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Welcome to Issue 2

I am delighted to welcome you to the second issue of The Business Incubator magazine.

The launch of The Business Incubator was a bigger success than any of us imagined. The EBN Congress in Finland was the perfect launchpad and it gave us the opportunity to network with a huge base of supporters, who have now officially endorsed us and become a part of The Business Incubator family. Thank you to all the wonderful networks and organisations who now have their logos on our pages… we welcome you and look forward to a rewarding association, one that supports the excellent work being done in the field of incubation, globally.

We have tried, again, in this issue to present an international view of all that’s happening in the exciting space of innovation, incubation and acceleration. We have examined several issues that affect the industry and offer you the expertise of those who have found enterprising solutions to situations that many of us have probably encountered. For example, a Chilean incubator discovered that being ‘sexy’ was more important that having lots of money; Mexican incubators are having to relook the way they fundamentally operate due to political changes that are underway in the country. Internationally, we have looked at the legal advantages and pitfalls that face an incubatee who decides to go global and hire outside home territory and we have featured a model that helps you focus yourselves and your clients on a path that is most logical and successful.

We hope you will enjoy this issue and find it useful, as it is our aim to be a comprehensive and unifying hub that brings together both practitioners and best practices from around the world.

Certainly, today the world looks to start-ups, and those that support them, as the way out of the continuing financial downturn. At The Business Incubator, while we aim to be the voice of this vibrant field, we are also a start-up like any other and we believe we are being and need to be incubated as well. By you! Your support ensures our future, so we encourage you to work with us; tell us what issues you would like discussed and send in your feedback, write for us, and pass the magazine around. Naturally, we encourage you to advertise with us, subscribe to us and encourage others in the industry to do so… because at the end of the day, we see our success as a measure of your own… thank you again for being part of us and encouraging us on this journey we all share.
Published on 14-10-2012 10:38 by Sangeetha Shinde. 342 page views

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