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A Business Guide for Beginners

by Des O'Keeffe

The objectives of Des O’Keeffe’s latest book are simple but “A Business Guide for Beginners” is not simplistic. It sets out to provide an introduction for those who are daunted by their lack of basic business knowledge when embarking on a career in business or a course of business study. The author’s core belief is that complex or difficult subjects can be readily understood when explained simply and this is the guiding principle for the book, written in non-academic language that is entirely congruent with that used in everyday business.

However, “A Business Guide for Beginners” is much more than a primer for business students. It offers a practical guide to the five primary functions of every business operation: people management, marketing, finance, operations and quality, in which every aspiring manager needs to acquire a degree of proficiency in order to succeed. Along the way, the author defines key concepts of success and offers clear advice on starting a business, business strategies and ethics. For those intent on achieving rapid progression in their careers, the final part of the book focuses on elements of personal success.

Des O’Keeffe claims modestly to have “been about a bit”, but his 30- year financial career includes work for a variety of well-known companies in the UK and then in Central Europe with teaching assignments from 2003. Although aimed at beginners, those who are already a few rungs up the ladder to success could read this book to advantage.

The book can be purchased via our Resources page.
Published on 27-05-2012 01:03 by David Tee. 615 page views

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