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Ideon Innovation
Organisation Details
Organisation  Ideon Innovation
Type Innovation Centre
Address Scheelev├Ągen 15
SE 22370
Country Sweden
Phone +46 733 312210
Sector expertise


Ideon Science Park, Ideon Open and Ideon Innovation

Ideon is the ideal environment for companies wanting to grow their business. A place where people can improve and develop their own ideas as well as others’. A place where anything is possible.

Ideon Science Park is one of Europe's most successful venue for innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capital. Built next to the Lund University School of Economics and the Faculty of Engineering, with 48,000 students and 5000 researchers/PhD students, the Science Park is the perfect place for business, research and public services to meet and develop business together.

Ideon is run by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, Lund University and Lund Municipality.

As Scandinavia’s leading site for open innovation, Ideon has a 30-year history with many of our country’s leading innovative companies having started here.

Ideon Innovation

We Strive for Value Creation and Next Practice Our mission is to deliver a first class incubation process that creates value for our customers and financers. Our vision is to change the business through a new sustainable business model that will make us a leading player in the North European incubator market. We are a general incubator open to all fields of business, except Life Science which is handled by our sister incubator. We have a speciality in start ups in the Cultural Sector and the field of Water Innovations and open innovation with industry. Half of our companies are in the ICT sector. A long tradition in handling university research spinn-offs.

Ideon Open

Ideon Open is Ideon Science Park’s initiative for open innovation, entrepreneurship and lean start-up in larger established companies. Companies that want to tap into the entreprenruial drive of Ideon.

We provide the neutral platform for collaborating with corporate clients, external consultancy ifrms and other agents towards a common goal. We pride ourselves on delivering real business value and developing a culture change towards Open Innovation for our clients. We lead breakthrough innovation projects all the way from identifying challenge, ideageneration, conceptualisation, development to handling the sales.

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