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Organisation  AccelHUB
Type Accelerator
Address 618 Cambridge Street
Country United States
Phone 1 - 978 - 549 - 2701
Profile Manager Gregory Geehan
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Many businesses and municipalities have issues that need to be addressed but do not have access to local innovation to solve it. Many governments are putting resources into developing high technology infrastructure but programs are generally concentrated in one city, leaving other regions behind.

AccelHUB is bringing innovation to those other communities to solve real issues and stimulate innovation growth. AccelHUB is partnering to develop co-working and acceleration that connects local ecosystems to US ideas, experts, education and funding.


  • Countries and companies have recognized that innovation is one of the most important drivers of economic growth. 

  • Latin America (LATAM) and Europe have seen the rapid development of innovation hotspots in the startup sector. 

  • Countries have started to develop innovation programs to drive economic impact.


  • Cultural gaps exist in:

    • How to position and grow a startup

    • How to manage investment risk

    • How to drive partnerships in the corporate venture

    • How to engage with academia

  • Early stage funding is scarce and requires giving away significant equity

  • Funded startups cannot access many support channels and expertise on how to grow successfully

  • Late-stage funding is not strong enough to bring a startup to the next level

  • Opportunities to expand globally are impacted by differences in business culture


Translating culture. Creating an innovative mindset.

  • Immersion Program: Solve cultural gaps through innovation bridge programs and global scaleup services

  • Innovation Platform: Connect startups and regional international accelerators with US-based mentors, advisors, VC’s and corporate venture

  • Soft-landing: Guide globally expanding companies in US entry, cultural bridge, and sales enablement

  • Venture Syndicate: Present carefully curated, high potential startups to a select group of trusted investors


We are entrepreneurs with a wide network of partners and mentors. We have experience building communities and companies in one the top startup ecosystems in the world, Boston.  Through our long standing relationships we can access wide range of resources that are inaccessible to our competitors.

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