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DEV UP Centre Val de Loire
Organisation Details
Organisation  DEV UP Centre Val de Loire
Type Development Agency
Address 6, rue du Carbone
Country France
Phone 33 1 2 38 88 88 10
Profile Manager Nathalie Boulanger
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ARITT (Innovation and Technology Agency of the Loire Valley) was set up in 2001 at the initiative of the Regional Council and the State Government. Its key mission is to encourage innovation in all its aspects (product, process, project, management, and export), for the creation and the development of companies in the Loire Valley region. ARITT coordinates, on the behalf of the State government and the regional council, the creation and the application of the Innovation Strategy. On 2005, then on 2009, ARITT Center established a strategic action plan in which its 17 person's team : * Sustains the innovation strategy and policy and implement them operationally * Helps companies through their innovation programs ( regional public incubator, Lancéo and existing enterprises) * Sustains the innovation strategy and policy and implement them operationally -> by supplying VA information to the regional governance -> by supporting local authorities in designing and implementing local development programs aimed at creating new innovative SMEs and/or developing existing SMEs, with the shake-holders, -> by coordinating a network of persons directly on contact to enterprises * Helps companies through their innovation programs ->By managing the regional public incubator, Lancéo Risk analysis pre-creation, guidance, support, and trainning in order to define an action plan, feasibility studies, budget forecast, and a business model -> For the existing enterprises, By identify enterprises situation, assets and needs in terms of innovation with diagnosis of any innovation gaps (Diagnostic ICC) By identify the most relevant resources By providing an access to specific consultancy and training By support enterprises to participate to specific project (C * International Level Member of Eurada * National Level member of ADARI (Association des Directeurs des Agences Régionales d'Innovation) member of CIPE AAAF (Commission Information pour Entreprise de l'Association Aéronautique et Aérospatiale Française * Regional coordination ARITT works on collaboration with the French Public Institutions, Laboratories from universities and from public center of research, the Chambers of Commerce, and clusters. ARITT coordinate the RCI (Réseau Centre Innovation) a network of 90 members directly implicated on the local development actions and technology transfert towards the regional enterprises.) Since 2007, ARITT has been recognized and thus certified by the Regional Council and the State Government as a « Gate to the Innovation Network » in the « Central Region ». The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has accredited ARITT « Cellule de Diffusion Technologique », the French equivalent of ISO for innovation. ARITT has been certified ISO 9001 since 2011.

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