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Organisation Details
Type Cluster
Address 9, rue Héloïse
Villeneuve d'Ascq
Country France
Phone +33 3 20 34 54 80
Profile Manager Karl MARTIN
EBN Membership

Sector expertise


MATIKEM is a French national competitiveness cluster commissioned by the Métropole européenne de Lille since 2015 to develop the Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne.   As such their role is to attract and support new technology based firms, from startups to large companies, specialised in the field of materials, chemicals and biochemical technological sectors on new ideas with grotwh potential

It addresses technical challenges from application markets: transport, packaging, building, tableware, cosmetic, plastcis processing, agri-food industry, medical.

They facilitate and accelerate the ermergence of new R&D projects and they connect industry and academia through the support of collaborative projects from the setting up and acquisition of necessary funding up to the market launch of new products, services or processes.

Matikem has developped  a network of members and major stakehodlers in the indystry of reference in France and at international level.

Download their brochure (PDF - French) .

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