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Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategies

CHERRIES project aims to have a large and positive impact on European territories by involving a wide range of stakeholders in the definition of social challenges in the health sector, while implementing a demand driven approach towards the co-creation of innovative solutions. 

The CHERRIES model will support healthcare research and innovation policy and pilot actions by interlinking RRI, demand-side policy and territorial innovation models including smart specialisation. 

This pilot innovation process will be implemented and tested in the territories of Murcia (ES), Örebro (SW) and the Republic of Cyprus (CY). Subsequently, three additional Mirror territories will be supported in adopting the CHERRIES model. 

The model applies RRI methods in the innovation process, not only contributing to more innovative territorial environments but also to more suitable single innovations that therefore have a higher chance of being widely adopted and establish them successfully on the market.  With this innovative design processes, the project contributes to more open, transparent and democratic R&I systems in the engaged territories and beyond, creating societal, democratic, environmental, economic and scientific impacts as well as tackling transformation processes of the organisations involved. 


The CHERRIES project will support Responsible, Research and Innovation (RRI) policy experiments in the healthcare sector in three European territories - in Murcia (ES), Örebro (SE) and the Republic of Cyprus (CY).

These processes, their outcomes and the policy frameworks the experiments are embedded in will be mapped, monitored, evaluated and serve as evidence-base for revision of sectoral policies, strategies and innovation support instruments. Thereby, CHERRIES will engage the territorial stakeholder ecosystems in participatory agenda setting, need articulation and institutional reflection processes.

These will serve as starting point for collective approaches with shared responsibilities aiming to create more open, inclusive and selfsustaining territorial research and innovation (R&I) ecosystems.  

CHERRIES will enable EU|BICs through the acquisition of competences, knowledge and skills to contribute to their local (CEEIM, CYRIC) or transnational (EBN) of strategy of RRI and demand-driven innovation. Through the learnings and the tools developed in CHERRIES the capacity of EU|BICs will be further strengthened, which will enable them to better support SMEs and start-ups in RRI-based and demand-driven innovation processes.

CEEIM and CYRIC will enhance the local entrepreneurial ecosystem competences through the deployment of RRI facilitation between health providers, policy makers and start-up deal-flow. EBN will enhance the role of EU|BICs and EBN members as “brokers” and business support organisations in the CHERRIES approach.

The BICs will engage with local stakeholders and policy makers in order to further sustain and develop RRI policies during and after the completion of the pilot Additionally, the EU|BICs will engage with territorial and transnational investors to show how CHERRIES methodology could benefit them by generating qualitative deal-flow and health providers to further support the pilots even after the completion of CHERRIES in order to create a role model for that would lead to further application of such policies. 

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Marion Perrin
Project details
Project duration: 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2022
Project funded by Horizon 2020
Project type: International Project
Eligible countries: EU28 Countries, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden
EBN Project Manager

Chiara Davalli

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