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Johann Stan
Name Johann Stan
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Johann Stan is Patent Examiner at European Patent Office in information retrieval. He has a PhD in Computer Science, and he is passionate about innovation, research and development.

Author of patents, publications and prototypes in various scientific fields, such as information extraction and privacy preservation, Johann is interested in developing technology that improves people’s lives. He is an expert in natural language processing technologies, machine learning and knowledge management. Johann has developed methods to extract meaningful information from both unstructured content, such as tweets, and structured content, such as drug package inserts.

Johann can help in examining startups' technical architectures in order to assess if there is patentable subject-matter. This can represent a substantial added-value to the application for EU funding, as the EU is looking for inventive, disruptive solutions. Johann canevaluate the technical solution and provide an opinion on patentability that will be attached to the application. Johann can analyze prior art and highlight subject-matter that are novel and inventive. 

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