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Natalie Jonk
Name Natalie Jonk
Organisation  Crowd.Science
Job title CEO and Founder

Sector expertise:

Natalie is the founder of Crowd.Science, a crowdfunding platform for scientists to raise money directly from the public, foundations and businesses for their research. Natalie has built Crowd.Science from the ground up and has a growing understanding of what motivates people to back science and the best way to present projects to appeal to potential funders.
Before starting Crowd.Science, she worked in big Pharma in a science communication role where she ensured that marketing messages were compliant with regulations.  Natalie aims for projects hosted on Crowd.Science to be represented in an accurate non bias way.  Simultaneously, she understands the value of helping scientists be concise and punchy with language where possible.
Currently Crowd.Science is working with advertising agency Ogilvy (pro bono) and UCL to raise £1m for a forensic science lab to better understand how to interpret forensic evidence to avoid miscarriages of justice.  This is an ambitious project that will be a part of a vital learning curve as a business to understand how to fund large projects.  This is much needed in crowdfunding science if it is to become a method of funding that creates real opportunities for up and coming scientists.


Natalie works for Crowd.Science

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