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Alfonso de Arribas de Renedo
Name Alfonso de Arribas de Renedo
Organisation  Phideas
Job title CEO

Sector expertise:


CEO at Phideas - Combining the best technologies into innnovative solutions to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people and other citizens in the city.


R&D in mobile embedded systems and geolocation since 2002 in order to develop innovative solutions to defend and protect life and improve quality of life. Involved in mobile apps development, geolocation based solutions, wearable technology, Internet of Things, Big Data - especially fast data and deep learning - and everything else that is connected to mobile. Technology must be a mean to make life easier without making people unnecessarily dependent on it. Also expert in biometrics.

The combination of geolocation and physiological data within context and machine learning with unstructured and structured big data collection along with statistical data processing, analysis and modelling allow for the elaboration of predictive and adaptive models thus making it possible to reasonably predict the whereabouts and health condition of monitored patients, elderlies, kids and the rest of the citizens.

Performed presentations on Innovation, Big Data Analytics / Machine Learning / Opportunities in EU and China.

Currently involved in e-Health and biometric projects.

CEO of Phideas since 2002

Responsible for

• Research & Development & Partnerships
• Identifying business opportunities in areas where our expertise falls
• Implementing solutions for identified opportunities

Started with

Design and development of a patent pending geolocation technology (smart electronic monitoring). The technology involved building and programming a mobile tracking device from scratch with text-messaging (SMS), GSM/GPRS/MMS and GPS capabilities. The system comprises a server with send and receive messages via TCP/IP over GPRS and SMS text messages over GSM.

• Brought the concept from prototype to pre-production and pre-market stages.
• Recruited and lead additional members of the management team with complementary skills.
• Established key alliances with strategic partners in the electronic and target market industries.
Secured feasibility study grant, CORD grant and patent funding from Enterprise Ireland along with private investments.

Established Phideas China branch in Shenzhen for wearable technology R&D and manufacturing.

Opening another branch soon in Chengdu.

R & D at Phideas

• Geolocation, monitoring, mobile & wearable technologies
• Machine Learning / Deep Learning
• Real Time Big Data / Fast Data Analysis
• Real Time Big Data Visualization
• (Rapid) Predictive & Adaptive Modelling


• Connected Health / e-Health
• Fitness & Well-being
• Smart Cities & Urban Mobility

News - July 2016

Looking for partners to build an EU-China consortium for an e-Health Horizon 2020 project. See

Alfonso works for Phideas
38/39 Fitzwilliam Square
Phone +353 1 507 9434

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