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Marc Jacobs
Name Marc Jacobs
Organisation  Molecular Plasma Group
Job title Chairman

Sector expertise:

Following 25 years of international management experience, I now invest my time and energy in projects that have a positive impact on society. 

Recognising the largely untapped potential of properly managed cultural diversity in every aspect of our globalised world, I joined Hofstede Insights, a global network of specialist consultants in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture. We build on the academic work of the world-renowned Prof. Geert Hofstede to provide commercial as well as not-for-profit organisations with the management tools & systems they need to be more effective in today's multi-cultural, highly diverse world. I co-authored the book 'Negotiate like a local' which is available on Amazon.

I accompany and invest in start-up companies that make a positive contribution to society such as Molecular Plasma Group which provides innovative eco-friendly surface functionalisation solutions that can replace highly toxic, chemicals-based systems in a wide range of industries such as advanced composites, biomedical technology, etc...

Marc works for Molecular Plasma Group



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