EBN Welcomes the Commission’s Funding for Regional Innovation Valleys, with 55+ EU|BICs Present

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EBN applauds the European Commission’s recent funding allocation of €116 million for the Regional Innovation Valleys (RIVs) initiative, aimed at enhancing competitiveness and fostering innovation across the EU. 151 regions were granted the RIV title, including over 45 RIVs with EU|BIC presence.

Laval Mayenne Technopole wins the 1st edition of the EU|BIC Excellence Awards!

The participants of the EBN Congress 2024 listened to all 7 finalist pitches and decided, by popular vote, that Laval Mayenne Technopole’s “Challenge Compétences” was the most Impactful Programme in the first edition of the EU|BIC Excellence Awards.

EU Project Pill II: Horizon Europe Participation of Associated and Other Third Countries

eu project pill 2 for european business and innovation centres

This EU Project Pill will address the EU RDI international cooperation framework and the legal and financial implications of involving third countries in Horizon Europe proposals.  In particular we will make clarity about the different funding frameworks and agreements the EC establishes with third countries (associated countries, bilateral agreements and regional dialogues).

Q2Scale – startup scaling programme applications are now open

EBN is proudly partnering with EIT Global Outreach and Q-Europe to facilitate business collaborations and commercialisation between startups and leading industry players – part of investment fund Q2Scale.

Tailored for EU|BIC client startups in the automotive, Energy, Supply Chain, and Sustainability sectors. Join the Q2Scale corporate-startup PoC programme!

South Karelia Growth Builders showcases in Nantes development strategies for remote regions

The Cities of Lappeenranta (an EU|BIC since 2010) and Imatra will showcase their program, South Karelia Growth Builders, in Nantes. These municipalities took action after a concerning report from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises highlighted a decline in South Karelia’s growth. To address this issue, Lappeenranta and Imatra designed a program aimed at reversing this trend in their border region. Being one of the 7 nominees competing for the Most Impactful Programme title in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final will set a precedent for other remote regions to follow.

IPN’s INEO START programme begins 14th edition with hopes on Nantes

Instituto Pedro Nunes’ INEO START is the oldest Portuguese acceleration programme, having supported more than 140 teams who have become mature and viable businesses in the national and European stage. It now begins a new edition with hopes of achieving the title of Most Impactful Programme in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final. EU|BIC IPN has been a member of the EBN since 2009, and will be among the 7 finalists to pitch on stage in the stage of CIC Ouest during the annual EBN Congress in Nantes.

Inkubator Sežana’s finalist programme shows that hearing loss is no barrier for entrepreneurship

Sign-language will be the national language of Slovenia in the EU|BIC Excellence Awards final. Inkubator Sežana’s Entrepreneurial School for People with Hearing Loss, Constantinus International Award gold laureate in 2023, will be among the 7 finalists to pitch on stage for the Most Impactful Programme title. Inkubator Sežana, a part of the EU|BIC family since 2006, shows no sign of stopping in the reinvention of incubation and the inclusion of people with disabilities in their ecosystem.