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Rediscover the taste of bygone days with Gradsko Selo

What is the taste of a ripe apple stolen from the tree? And that of a tomato that gathered the warmth of the sun? Or that of a pepper picked just now?

Founded in 2013 by and Eleonora Ivanova and Elena Koseva, Gradsko Selo was born from their reminiscence of the real food taste and from their aspiration this taste would become more than just a thing from the past.

Gradsko Selo aims to link the small-scale producer and the townsman who values his/her health and has respect of quality food. Their ambition is to keep both parties satisfied.

If you are producer who holds to eco production and is fond of taste, you may become one of their partners. It is not necessary to have bio or organic certification, yet they have certain requirements as they insist on:

  • high quality and persistency;
  • clean production, which means production without chemical stimulators and sensory agents;
  • minimum processing as regards certain food products;
  • keeping to the delivery and production schedule, ensuring fresh product for the client.

 “We have decided that we can make this in the best way, while creating our own trade mark, without E-s, coloring agents, preservatives and sensory agents. All our products are produced on our request by small-scale producers and farmers, using traditional technologies, with no chemical stimulators. So as to warrant production quality, we have at our disposal a team of technologists, agronomists, veterinaries and food experts.  We check products quality at regular basis and we have our own logistics base in Veliko Tarnovo and office in Sofia” say the two founders, Eleonora Ivanova and Elena Koseva.

Behind these two ambitious women is a team of enthusiastic individuals, shooting for the same target to bring the real, clean and delicious food from the village into the city while working in accordance with fair trade and solidarity-based agriculture principles.

In June 2014 they launched their online store. But what makes the difference between other bio food companies and theirs is their capacity to shorten at its maximum the time between the production and the delivery to the consumer, mainly when it relates to meat, thereby extending the duration of the product without using any preservatives or artificial ingredients.  It is applicable for all middle- and long-lasting types of meat products that are produced by the company.

“Most of the bio-products that are available on the market have a very limited duration period for preserving their food qualities. This is a problem that influences the whole production and delivery chain (requiring much shortened storage, logistics, and delivery terms). The extended duration solves the problem of the short period between the production and sale time for such natural and bio products. It also provides more time for its consumption by the clients after the purchase” says Milen Dobrev , CEO of Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) and of EU|BIC Innobridge.

Their business model leads to rapid expansion of the bio foods market. EU|BIC Innobridge (RCCI) provided assistance in the field of internationalisation and market expansion. They introduced the company to food producers in Romania; with prospective clients in Bulgaria and Romania which will further expand the distribution network of Gradsko Selo.

Today the company aims to develop its own logistics bases in all major cities in the country. In the more distant future they will try to enter the markets of neighboring countries.

Published on 03-08-2016 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2072 page views

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