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SerFarma supports responsible self-medication

Serfarma Ltd. is a Portuguese company located in Coimbra founded in 2014 by pharmacists and IT engineers, aiming to provide pharmaceutical services to healthcare professionals, healthcare settings and also to patients.

SerFarma is a team of four professionals involved in the research, development and implementation of pharmaceutical services.  Through the optimization of innovative methodologies they continuously improve the use of medicines and the results on health, thereby supporting both the patients and medical professionals. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of patients by ensuring the effectiveness, safety and appropriate use of medicines. They combine their knowledge in health technology with values such as ethics, rigor and professionalism.

As one of the most promising technology startups with a high potential for internationalisation, SerFarma was supported by IPN in their preparation for their participation in CeBit 2016 as part of the Startup Europe pavilion.  This selection was organised by EBN within the framework of the ACE* project in which IPN is one of the founding partners. This was the occasion for Ser Farma to present the MEDimprove project they have developed.  " SerFarma are part of IPN’s ecosystem of startups since 2014. They have been very thorough and persistent in developing the MEDimprove system.  Cristina, Célia and Álvaro are a highly-skilled team and we had no doubt in selecting them to participate in CeBit 2016 . As their product is now ready for a full-scale implementation, this participation in such an event can be a relevant push for the international success of the company", says Jorge Pimenta, IPN Project Manager .

MEDimprove is an Innovative web-based platform that supports responsible self-medication.   This totally innovative clinical software, which is simple and intuitive to use, integrates information from the patient, its age, diseases, medications, allergies and minor ailments and presents a list of adequate and safe OTC medications, for each specific patient. It also supports dispensing and administration, providing information both for pharmacists and patients on the minor ailment and the selected medicine. Additionally, whenever relevant, the software identifies potentially serious symptoms and recommends a medical consultation.

The great potential of the MEDimprove® software is that it supports patients and healthcare professionals in this self-care area in other Portuguese-language countries, with the necessary adjustments for available OTC medications (over-the-counter medications that are safe and effective for use by the general public without a prescription); also in non-Portuguese speaking countries, with adjustments in language and medications. It also enables to integrate medication management apps, supporting patient informed self-care (i.e. identifying potentially serious health symptoms and helping with symptom relief, that may include, or not, the use of OTC medication).

Medicines are very powerful therapeutic tools that can prevent, treat and control most diseases. However, when used improperly they can be very harmful to health. We want to make the most of these powerful tools and with the help of all health professionals and technology, improve health outcomes We offer the possibility of using a completely innovative solution for self-medication support, adapting for other countries reality and medication market.  Already available on a web platform, this product is a perfect candidate for becoming an app for patients and health professionals”, says Cristina Silva, CEO of SerFarma.

To date they have already developed a strong network of clients and partners among which:
•    Simposium Digital Healthcare
•    MedicineOne
•    Plural, Pharmaceutical Cooperative
•    AFP, Pharmacists Association of Portugal
•    College of Pharmacists
•    Roche Diagnostics

For the future , they hope to meet partners and/or investors interested in integrating their program in other platforms/apps or in a partnership for adjusting and commercializing MEDimprove® in other Portuguese or non-portuguese speaking countries.

Check video of Ser Farma at CeBit Hanover 2016.

*Beyond the project period, ACE is continuing to offer support to companies like Ser Farma wishing to internationalise, on an adhoc basis. Contact the EBN internationalisation SIG. See technical note on Accelerating international growth - A practical guidebook for business support organisations.


Associated member: Instituto Pedro Nunes
Published on 09-05-2016 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 4090 page views

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