Driving Automotive Innovation: Partner with Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s.

Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s., a leading force in automotive innovation backed by the global Valeo Group, invites startups to collaborate in pioneering cutting-edge technologies to shape safer, cleaner mobility solutions worldwide, offering accelerated growth opportunities and real-world testing in challenges such as predictive maintenance and energy consumption optimization.

Call for Proposals for the New Enterprise Europe Network 2025-2028

European Innovation Council & EISMEA has opened proposals for the next phase of the Enterprise Europe Network from 2025 to 2028, focusing on sustainability, growth, resilience, and digitalization to support SMEs, with established business support organizations invited to apply for a budget of EUR 182.5 million, and an online information session scheduled for 28 May 2024.

Successful Conclusion of Lebanon Innovate Capacity Building Programme for IPR Lawyers

We are excited to share a brief recap of the recent in-person training session for the Lebanon Innovate Capacity Building Programme for IPR Lawyers. With the generous support of the European Union, this initiative aimed to equip 17 legal professionals with essential knowledge and skills in Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

How UNIDO and EBN Collaborate for Private Sector and Innovation Ecosystem Development in Post-Crisis Countries

Exploring the challenges and solutions in post-crisis countries, the joint publication by UNIDO and EBN illuminates the critical role of private sector development. This collaboration underscores the importance of fostering peace, resilience, and economic growth through inclusive entrepreneurship and innovative business ecosystems. Dive into this insightful guide to discover how international partnerships are shaping the future of sustainable development and peacebuilding.

Pioneering Deep-Tech Startups Towards Global Innovation: IncubAlliance Paris-Saclay’s Landmark Achievement of EU|BIC Certification 

EU|BIC IncubAlliance Paris-Saclay exemplifies the transformative power of strategic support and targeted programmes in the realm of deep-tech startup creation. Its commitment to nurturing innovative projects and entrepreneurs positions IncubAlliance Paris-Saclay as a key player in its cluster’s ongoing success with a vital contributionor to the global innovation landscape.

EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Building Playbook – Foreword

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For nearly four decades, EBN and the EU|BIC community have championed innovation, playing a vital role in regional development, job creation, and supporting startups and SMEs. We align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and European strategies, such as the European Green Deal, to drive sustainable growth and innovation. Together, we’re paving the way for a cleaner, sustainable future and empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs. Through our EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Framework, we’re forging a path for global innovation and sustainable growth.

Celebrating EU|BIC Community Members on Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs Ranking

The EU|BIC community’s remarkable presence on the Financial Times’ Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs ranking speaks volumes about their collective impact. With 12+ members featured, their commitment to fostering innovation across Europe is evident. From Germany to Spain, these EU|BICs exemplify diversity and excellence, driving the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit forward. Congratulations to all involved for their outstanding contributions to Europe’s innovation landscape.

UpSkill in Cloud with CloudCamp4SMEs

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“CloudCamp4SMEs, co-funded by the European Union, offers affordable, high-quality training in Cloud Technologies and Solutions. Courses, typically priced between 3,000 to 6,000 euros, are available at a 90% discount. SMEs receive mentoring, resources, and networking opportunities, with training pathways designed by global leaders like Amazon Web Services, FastLane, and Adecco Formazione to boost digital transformation in EU SMEs.”