UpSkill in Cloud with CloudCamp4SMEs

Certainly, here’s a concise excerpt:

“CloudCamp4SMEs, co-funded by the European Union, offers affordable, high-quality training in Cloud Technologies and Solutions. Courses, typically priced between 3,000 to 6,000 euros, are available at a 90% discount. SMEs receive mentoring, resources, and networking opportunities, with training pathways designed by global leaders like Amazon Web Services, FastLane, and Adecco Formazione to boost digital transformation in EU SMEs.”

European Citizens’ Hackathon Championship

Join EUBIC Associate Barrabes for the EU Sparks Hackathon Championship, where innovation meets action! This groundbreaking initiative is set to ignite creativity and address climate change challenges head-on. With 21 local hackathons and a thrilling European Final Championship, participants will have the chance to showcase their talents and make a real impact. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Apply now and let’s spark positive change together!

Envi-Booster: EU|BIC Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre’s (MSIC) Initiative to Drive Sustainable Innovation in Ostrava

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability with Envi-Booster, powered by The Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC). Designed to accelerate green innovation in Ostrava, this 12-week program offers startups unparalleled opportunities for growth and impact. With expert mentorship, investor connections, and strategic positioning, Envi-Booster is your gateway to shaping a greener, more prosperous future. Join us and be part of the change-makers driving sustainability forward in Ostrava and beyond.

New circular economy knowledge hub set to guide European cities and regions.

Circular economy European regions and citeis.

EBN joins a new EU-funded project: K-CCRI – set to increase the impact of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI). The K-CCRI project, launched in January, aims to set up a knowledge hub to help cities and regions adopt the circular economy. It comes as part of the EU’s efforts to bring together research and innovation projects that share the same vision over climate change, pollution, soil consumption, and loss of biodiversity.

Leading the Change in Regional Innovation:’s Trailblazing Journey to EU|BIC Certification, a transformative division of the Liberec Regional Development Agency (ARR), redefines regional development and entrepreneurship standards. Their relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in securing the EU|BIC Certification, marking not only recognition but a commitment to continuous improvement and impactful regional contributions.

Lebanon Innovate: Open call for IPR experts

Under Lebanon Innovate, a European Union funded project to revitalize the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and its productive sectors, EBN is seeking external experts to design and implement an advanced capacity-building programme on legal expertise and requirements in IPR for Lebanese lawyers foreseen for the first half of 2024.

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential with the YTILI Fellowship Program

Unlock your potential with the YTILI Fellowship for young European entrepreneurs. Apply for Fall 2024 by January 30, 2024, and gain a fully funded six-week U.S. experience, fostering transatlantic collaboration. Eligible applicants from 49 European countries, aged 25-35, engage with U.S. offices, building connections and implementing projects. Join a global network of innovators shaping a future of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and transatlantic leadership.