EIT Hub Israel | 2023 open call for Disrupt Me programme

EIT Hub Israel announced their 2023 open call for their flagship program: Disrupt Me! They are offering a straightforward innovation process that is tailored to meet the needs of European Corporates based on practical experience. By joining the program, corporates can take their open innovation efforts to the next level.

10th Milan CBA Summer School | EU|BIC CSIL

EU|BIC CSIL (Centre for Industrial Studies) opened the registrations for the X edition of the Milan Summer School on Cost-Benefit Analysis. The training course offers an intensive and participative learning experience focused on CBA as a tool supporting the decision-making process of public investments.


A change in purpose changes a system profoundly, even if every element and interconnection remain the same, with his background in some of the key actors in the innovation ecosystem, Tobias tailors his daily actions to deliver practical perspectives on how thinking in systems is critical when reconsidering our incubation models.

Bionanopolys Open Call Biobased nanomaterials: a sustainable solution for a wide range of applications

Biobased nanomaterials, which are derived from renewable sources such as plants, are gaining increasing attention for their potential to replace traditional materials in a wide range of applications. These materials have unique properties that make them suitable for use in fields such as textiles and pharmaceuticals, packaging, and foams.

The Malaga startup Epic Bounties won at the Investors Forum “Keiretsu Forum Andalucía” managed by EU|BIC BIC Euronova

Aimed at newly created companies interested in private financing, “Keiretsu Forum Andalucía” has had the participation of 9 previously selected Andalusian startups, which have presented their projects in the investment round to more than 150 investors, in order to obtain private financing between € 30,000 and € 500,000.