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Be one of the most endgendering EBN member!

In our effort to create the First European Network of Women Web Entrepreneurs Hubs (WeHubs) we are conducting a survey which seeks to gain the perspectives and experiences of organisations providing support services to web entrepreneurs.

Your input is very important since it will help us design new services and methods to foster women web entrepreneurship. These new services and methods will be offered to you as an effective way to provide dedicated services to women and increase your visibility as an "endgendering" business support provider.

You can participate in our online survey by clicking on this link.

Your response will be kept strictly confidential and only be used for research purpose. Your name and/or organisation will not be linked with any results respecting your privacy and data protection rights.

In parallel with a survey targeting support services to start ups and businesses, we are also addressing women web entrepreneurs directly through a second dedicated survey where we ask them about their needs and feedbacks about support services they accessed to. We would really appreciate if you could disseminate this link to the women entreprenneurs in your network - this would provide you with insights about customer satisfaction and how your own services could better match women’s needs.

Finally, we would also like to invite you to visit our website and register to have the  opportunity to be part of the WeHubs community, establish links and share knowledge with various web entrepreneurship ecosystems and entrepreneurs around Europe.

If you have any questions please contact Laura and Kristina from the EBN team.

Thank you in advance for contributing to boost women’s digital entrepreneurship in Europe!



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Project duration: 23 Apr 2015 to 30 May 2015
Project funded by EBN
Project type: Project Opportunity
Eligible countries: EU28 Countries, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries
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