Industry 4.0 technology commercialistaion is fraught with difficulties: EU|BIC CASTELLÓN provides essential solutions

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When supporting companies working with Industry 4.0 disruptive technologies, our experience tells us that there will be challenges related to commercialisation. Legal and industrial barriers to biosafety, food safety, and ethics, or if the technology breaks specific industry or cultural laws, are real challenges to be surpassed.

Going beyond scientific breakthroughs, toward commercialization and value for society

Progress of knowledge is essential for all communities. Around Europe, this is achieved with programmes and public investment in scientific projects and organisations. Yet, despite these efforts, only very few results stemming from such investments generate an impact outside the scientific community.

2022 EU|BIC Impact Report

Food & Health – Housing & Urban solutions – Mobility – Energy – Industries

The EU|BIC community and EBN have driven the adoption of demand-driven, Responsible Research an Innovation, and inclusive incubation approaches in numerous regions, empowering all entrepreneurs, scientists, corporates, governments and citizens to develop challenge-based solutions benefiting their daily lives.

TAGUSVALLEY: delivering opportunity and synergies for its region

EUBIC TAGUSVALLEY agri-food Bioeconomics Tourism

With its start in 2004, EU|BIC TAGUSVALLEY has grown impressively. With the mission to assert themselves as an innovation ecosystem of reference and to boost their regional social-economic development through entrepreneurial innovation, this EU|BIC developed multiple significant partnerships regionally and internationally.

RCCI: Creating a culture of social innovation and entrepreneurship for youth in Bulgaria 

EUBIC RCCI Social Entrepreneurship

As members of the EU|BIC community, we were among the first to support the creation of an European online ecosystem for social innovation. We built on that momentum and now we actively promote the concept of socially responsible business and continue to educate our society on the topic.

The EU|BIC Self–Assessment Questionnaire 2022 is live

The EU|BIC Self – Assessment Questionnaire 2022 has been launched for EU|BICs and will be opened, during nine weeks, until April 8th, 2022.  Every year, EBN implements an annual exercise of collective data gathering from its community. With this process, EBN is capable to better supporting EU|BICs, helping them in becoming more performant, better connected… Continue reading The EU|BIC Self–Assessment Questionnaire 2022 is live

BIC Montpellier and Lazio Innova renew their EU|BIC Certification

BIC Montpellier (Fr) and Lazio Innova (It) had the opportunity to exchange best practices, share know-how, and methodologies during a peer review meeting allowing them to renew their EU|BIC Certification, for 5 years, starting from January 2022. Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), located in south-eastern France, has been supporting for over 30 years, innovative… Continue reading BIC Montpellier and Lazio Innova renew their EU|BIC Certification