CAP INNOVE – Creator of success for the last 40 years !

Last 16 November 2023, EU|BIC Cap Innove located in Nivelles (Belgium), the incubator originally created by the ULB in Brussels, celebrated 40 years of uninterrupted success. Founded in 1983 by Professor Jean-Claude Ettinger from Solvay Business School, Cap Innove joined the EBN network in 1989 and has since then contributed to the development of the Brabant-Wallon region by nurturing the local innovation ecosystem through the support of innovative entrepreneurs and startups.

Opportunity Alert for EU|BIC Members’ Clients: BIC Africa Mid-Term Evaluation Call for Consultancy Services

Calling all project evaluation consultancy companies! BIC Africa is seeking your expertise for a mid-term evaluation of their groundbreaking project. This initiative, launched in January 2020, aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, backed by EU funding.

EBN joins new EIC, EU-funded project set to empower innovation across Europe

EIC Communities - DeepSync - EBN - Deeptech

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, the European Innovation Council (EIC) and EBN recognise the crucial role technology plays in driving economic growth and sustainability. Thanks to the EIC Fund, numerous startups, SMEs, and small mid-caps across various sectors receive support every year.

Members SPI, ESTIA, VVA Support Implementation of BIC Africa Ethiopia Bootcamp

BIC Africa and EUBIC at BIC Ethiopia Bootcamp 2023

”This national boot camp, organised in collaboration with the BIC Ethiopia country project, focused on the theme of mentorship and mentoring startups, a key topic for business incubators in Ethiopia. The activities aim is to produce a collaborative and innovative “Guidebook on how to mentor startups” tailored to the local ecosystem, which will be shared with Business Incubators (Bis) in Ethiopia as a reference and living document.   

EU|BIC Inkubator Sežana in Finals of Prestigious International Constantinus International Award 2023

Inkubator Sezana, Constantinus International Award

PRESS RELEASE [Sežana, September 7, 2023] Inkubator d.o.o. Sežana has been nominated among the 12 finalists for the prestigious Constantinus International Award 2023 for the best project in business consulting for the programme “Creative Startup – an entrepreneurial school for people with hearing loss.” Among the multitude of quality projects from various countries around the… Continue reading EU|BIC Inkubator Sežana in Finals of Prestigious International Constantinus International Award 2023

Introducing the Business Advisor Certificate (BAC)!

Ready to become a certified business advisor? EBN’s Business Advisor Certificate (BAC) is your key to career success and regional development. Our online, self-paced course covers interpersonal skills and business fundamentals, offered in partnership with GrowthWheel International.

EBN renews Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

EBN Special Interest Groups, SIGs, EU Industrial and SME Strategy

The need for an update – SIGs take a turn to EU industry focus for greater collaboration
The updated SIG names and structures, which are presented below, leverage the new policy approach to drive more opportunities for EU|BIC community members.