#EBN2023 – EBN Congress goes to Brno!

#EBN2023 the largest gathering of incubators, accelerators, science parks and innovation drivers hosted in Brno (Czechia) 13-15 June.

We are proud to announce we will be collaborating with EU|BIC JIC for the 2023 EBN Congress. #EBN2023 will be hosted in Brno, Czechia, on June 14-15.

EU|BIC CEEIM stimulating the innovation spirit towards success  

The EBN secretariat had the opportunity to visit in May EU|BIC CEEIM, a 3,000 square metre premises with co-working area (the nest), and 23 incubating spaces for start-ups in its smart work centre. EU|BIC of Murcia is a non-profit Foundation that aims at creating and implementing innovative methodologies in the field of entrepreneurship and business creation, specifically meeting technology-based start-ups’ needs.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid: La Nave, connecting entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and Latin America

EUBIC Ayuntamiento Madrid innovation centre Biotech EdTech Fintech

EU|BIC Madrid City Council (Ayuntamiento de Madrid) promotes dynamism in the innovation ecosystem in the capital city of Spain. The Council manages a network of 6 business incubator centres that facilitate innovation and serve as a meeting point for the people who make innovation a reality. Three innovation centres complete their offer. La Nave, Madrid International Lab, and Puerta Innovación play… Continue reading Ayuntamiento de Madrid: La Nave, connecting entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and Latin America

TAGUSVALLEY: delivering opportunity and synergies for its region

EUBIC TAGUSVALLEY agri-food Bioeconomics Tourism

With its start in 2004, EU|BIC TAGUSVALLEY has grown impressively. With the mission to assert themselves as an innovation ecosystem of reference and to boost their regional social-economic development through entrepreneurial innovation, this EU|BIC developed multiple significant partnerships regionally and internationally.

RCCI: Creating a culture of social innovation and entrepreneurship for youth in Bulgaria 

EUBIC RCCI Social Entrepreneurship

As members of the EU|BIC community, we were among the first to support the creation of an European online ecosystem for social innovation. We built on that momentum and now we actively promote the concept of socially responsible business and continue to educate our society on the topic.

MSIC Ostrava: From coal mining to data mining

EUBIC MSIC South Moravia

Born in 2017, MSIC has succeeded in developing a wide range of services to support entrepreneurship from early-stage start-ups through seed-stage start-ups to mature SMEs. In short 4.5 years, it has become an important regional innovation centre in Czechia.